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      Sustainable Development Goals

      Assessment of country capacity

      FAO’s Statistical Capacity Assessment survey for SDG Indicators provides insights about member countries' national statistical systems in regard to their capacity to monitor and report the 21 SDG indicators under FAO custodianship. Details on the assessment conducted by FAO in 2018/19 and the resulting country profiles can be found here.

      Methods and data

      FAO is the custodian UN agency for 21 SDG indicators and is a contributing agency for a further 5. In this capacity, FAO is supporting countries’ efforts in monitoring the 2030 Agenda.

      Visit the pages below to find out more about the FAO SDG indicators - methodology, key results, events and focal points.

      Download all SDG datasets here and the latest trends and current analysis of SDG indicators under FAO custodianship here (see Methodological note for more information).

      Explore FAOSTAT's data domain on the 21 SDG indicators under FAO custodianship. It offers interactive data visualizations, advanced data filtering, data comparability, country profiles, and provides an entry point to the methodological documents and focal points for each indicator.


      Indicators under FAO custodianship

      Indicators for which FAO is a contributing agency

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