Sustainable Development Goals

            Make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable

            About half of humanity live in cities today. By 2050, two-thirds of the global population will be urban dwellers. Rapid urban growth in the developing world is placing enormous demands on food systems. Cities expand into fertile land increasing the food needs of urban families competing for natural resources such as land and water.

            Fluctuating food prices hard hit urban consumers who are almost exclusively dependent on food purchases. Variations in food prices and incomes translate into diminished purchasing power and rising rates of food insecurity, compromising dietary quantity and quality.

            FAO promotes a holistic multi-stakeholder approach to address urban resilience and is committed to support, countries and their local governments, and other city/regional/national stakeholders in building multi-level governance and institutional capacities and forging partnerships necessary to deliver more coherent and inclusive food security and nutrition policies and leverage investments. 

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            These guidelines are the result a consultative process that involved a large number of practitioners from both developed and developing countries. Two meetings were held in Glasgow and Delhi and a tentative outline was agreed upon. [...]

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            This report looks at progress made in "growing greener cities" in Latin America and the Caribbean – cities in which urban and peri-urban agriculture is recognized by public policy [...]

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