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        How do you prefer to read? On your phone, on your tablet, on your computer, or in print? As a knowledge-driven organization, FAO works to guarantee [...]

        This book tells the story of rinderpest and its eradication. The focus is on the international coordination that came together after the Second World War in the belief that, with vaccines available, the eradication of rinderpest was a practical possibility.

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        This publication covers advice and recommendations for vaccine production,?quality control and effective vaccination?schemes including vaccine selection, specifications, vaccination programmes,?vaccine handling in the field, application, failures and assessment of herd protection.

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        This publication overviews global drivers and trends emerging in food safety, including climate change, evolving consumer behaviour and preferences, new food sources and production systems, technological advances, the microbiome, the circular economy and food fraud

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        Sub-Saharan Africa’s current level of agricultural productivity may lift more than 400 million people improve the livelihood of approximately 250 million smallholder farmers and pastoralists. Based on 47 desk-based country case studies, this report presents a snapshot of the status of digital agriculture in each country.

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