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        Video at FAO

        FAO’s Video Unit creates and distributes video content to demonstrate FAO’s work. Here are our video platforms where you can access our content.

        FAO Youtube Channel

        Video Catalogue

        • Download the latest video features, interviews, and coverage from our main events, plus archival video, at the Video Catalogue

        FAO Media Vault

        • A platform for broadcasters and other professional content users to download high-quality video news packages and feature stories about FAO’s work. High-definition clean footage is available for immediate download, subject to credit and copyright terms and conditions.
        • Register for an account to search and download video content.

        Video Library

        • The FAO video library has recordings of events and field missions from 1994 to the present – a precious resource for broadcasters who need editorial stock footage related to FAO’s areas of work.
        • To find out more or to request footage, email [email protected]