Her message is to “be persistent and innovative because women need science and science needs women”.

Achieving gender equality for women means promoting their vital role in science. Marianna GiannoulakI (above) has been working with the GFCM for more than 10 years, contributing to the management and conservation of marine resources. ? Marianna GiannoulakI

A Greek national, Marianna GiannoulakI has a PhD on population dynamics and habitat modeling of small pelagics. She has been involved in GFCM working groups for more than 10 years. Marianna is a research director at the Hellenic Centre of Marine Research and Institute of Marine Biological Resources and Inland Waters.

Working with the GFCM, Marianna enjoys contributing to the management and conservation of marine resources beyond her shores. She says the work has broadened her perspective.?

“The GFCM provides a unique opportunity to unite the Mediterranean, to bring people together from different cultures and backgrounds towards a common goal: to understand and protect this unique ecosystem,” she says.??

She has an encouraging message for young women interested in science. “Do not give up, obstacles are there to be overcome. It is only with heart that great achievements are made.”?

We need gender equality to tap into the full potential of humankind. Let’s start by ensuring that women’s contributions are recognised at all levels and in all areas of society.

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